Xarigami 1.5.5 Cumulus

This theme requires a minimum of Xarigami Cumulus 1.4.0.

Xarigami 1.4.0 brings significant enhancements over prior versions including but not limited to:

  • Review and rework of all core and key module templates and functions with a focus on improved performance and stability. Xarigami 1.4.0 is fast and reliable.
  • Reworked security for all core entry points, and features allowing easy integration of Xarigami security checks into 3rd party addons and applications.
  • Total revamp of the Dynamic Data module and properties to provide easy creation of objects, expanded property types, and new functionality.
  • A focused approach to providing one of the best theme system around with Block Layout, rewritten CSS and Javascript handling, compression and optimisation, and full support for XHTML1 Strict and HTML5.
  • Improved portability for themes, features to reduce theme development time and unparalleled flexibility with the availability of static theme variables, dynamic CSS, skin variables and theme feature generators!
  • Rewritten installer, and improved upgrade with 'file and database health checks', used to upgrade Xarigami as well as Xaraya versions to the latest xarigami 1.4.0.

Thank you for your support. Feel free to join our development or user discussions to become involved in our community. For more information on Xarigami, please visit, or come and join us in Xarigami IRC in the #xarigami room at irc:// (server: port: 6667).

If you notice any unexpected functionality, please use our issue tracker at

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